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The study of marine science is one of the most important applied sciences at present. It is concerned mainly with studying the seas and oceans that occupy most of the area of our planet. The world is heading towards the sea as a huge source of minerals and chemical elements. The sea is currently the most important source of food, minerals, fresh water and energy. This is why the developed countries are interested in studying the seas and oceans and spending generously on research programs aimed at exploring and exploiting their living and non-living resources . The University of Basrah took responsibility for these matters. The first specialized college in Iraq was established in 2016-2017 in two sections: the Department of Natural Marine Sciences and the Department of Applied Marine Sciences which includes all studies dealing with the biological, physical, chemical and geological sciences.

Hamid Talib Al-Saad
University of Basrah Marine Sciences


Excellence in programs in higher education and training in applied marine and natural sciences. - Quality in terms of research methodology using global developments in the fields of scientific research of the marine aspects - Methodology in exploring the sources of marine wealth to support the national economy Programs to protect the marine environment for community service.